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Free PC mods from us as our gift to you!

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Enjoy and happy holidays!

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gootecks, Mike, and Steve


U Can't C Mika by xHECZx

Laura's in the holiday spirit in this mod with four variations.  Choose from bunny ears or a Santa hat and stockings or no stockings!

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Thanks to BrutalAce and xHECZx!

About The Modders

Laura Christmas Bunny by BrutalAce

After beating Zangief on multiple occasions, R. Mika has a new favorite pro wrestler that she idolizes, and U Can't C Her anymore!

As with any great sports entertainer, you haven't made it until you have your own t-shirt, and you can get your very own Effort, Guts & Spirit shirt here.

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The neverending debate continues.  Does Gief suck or is he actually good?  

We don't pretend to know the answer, so we'll let you decide.

This weekend, all purchases come with a FREE 3-month subscription to, where you can watch new episodes of gootecks and Mike Ross before they hit YouTube!

"Gief is good!"  "Gief is garbage!"

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Do these mods work on PS4?

Who made the mods?

Install SFV PAK Mod Manager, then click the link below.  

If you still are having trouble, the link below contains a step-by-step video walkthrough.

Frequently Asked Questions

BrutalAce made the Laura mod and xHECZx made the R. Mika mod.

If you enjoy the mods, please support their work by donating to them!

Are they really free?

How do I install the mods?

Yes, these mods are totally free as a thank you from us to the viewers (all twelve of you) as well as the rest of the FGC.

Thanks again to BrutalAce and xHECZx for their amazing work!